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Tom Janka visual artist

Los Angeles based photographer, retoucher, framer



Having been in the photography industry since 2000, I pride myself on being flexible. Photography, framing, retouching and digital work have engaged me since my teenage years. Thanks to a European-styled education and self-development, I’m proud to say I’ve not only learned from the greats, but had the opportunity to pursue a professionalism akin to theirs. As a photojournalist, I covered the entire European continent with various agencies and magazines. Photography has never been a mere profession to me; it is my passion.


I’m engaged and well-versed in various fields: from indoor/outdoor shooting through scanning, archiving, editing, retouching to simply consulting. Whatever your project may be, I will offer the same degree of professional, studio-quality lighting and technology either within a studio setting or a venue of your choosing. From camera to canvas, I offer not only event, portrait, commercial, fashion or beauty photography, but a package that will accompany and advise you through the entire process, including products such as post-production fine-tuning, hand-crafted frames, fine art quality printing, and many more.

I moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to begin a new chapter in my professional and personal life, to take in and expand on an entirely different approach to the art I know and love.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope to be collaborating with you soon!


Tom Janka

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